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PVC Inlay

PVC Rings

PVC rings inlaid in Corian for a coaster.  The procedure is much the same as with wood.  For best results bore out the PVC pipe with a Forstner bit and then turn.

Red & Purple rings

Red and Purple PVC rings inlaid in Radiata Pine.  Colored PVC pipe is available through Formufit, or order for delivery to store from Home Depot.

Bondo All Purpose Putty as Infill

Bondo Infill

Bondo All Purpose Filler used as infill.  I cut and filled the rings one at a time.  The rings were colored with powdered pigments.  I didn't save a sample of unhardened Bondo so I couldn't fill the defect in the red ring.

Pencil Holder

The previous practice piece converted to a pencil holder.

Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty as infill

Durham's as infill

This sample used Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty as infill.  I mixed it with red acrylic paint instead of water.  I used 6 rings and a different auxiliary chuck.  This is the piece that showed me a fluted parting tool would be a good idea.

Polymer Clay as infill

 Polymer Clay Infil

The same 6 ring pattern filled with polymer clay.

Polymer clay in 4 colors

I cut all the rings at once and filled them one at a time with different colors of polymer clay.  I trimmed the intersections after each baking.

La Doll Premiere Air Dry Clay

La Doll Air Dry

This is La Doll Premiere air dry clay.  I used powdered red pigment to color it.  The arrows point to the worst pull out away from the edges.

Wood Ring Variations

Cut rings

The rings look to be different colors because I'd not yet learned to put 2 lines next to the end grain line to avoid flipping the rings so the chatoyance is different.  I turned all the grooves and then cut the rings to make them interlock.  I never found a way to layout the cut lines accurately enough.

Veneer edged

For this sample I used a thin piece of steel to cut grooves around the rings after the wood rings were inlaid.  I was never happy with this technique.



A small plate or dish.