Lacewood Tatting Shuttle


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Lacewood shuttle


Lacewood is light brown with perhaps pinkish overtones. Large ray fleck gives it the appearance of lace. From Australia. Lacewood has benefited a lot from Performax sanding, but this is an old picture. Lacewood, also known as Australian Silky-Oak, has straight grain except where fibers pass around the rays. The texture is coarse and the strength low. See Wood Terms for an explanation of terms. Obviously no tatting shuttle collection would be complete without a shuttle made of Lacewood, but it does not make the best working shuttle.

The shuttle pictured above is an attempt to make a lacewood shuttle more usable. I've used maple veneer on the inside and lacewood on the outside. A less contrasty alternative would be to use white oak instead of maple. I haven't tried making shuttles of more than one veneer often, as the first one I tried out years ago didn't turn out well, and I was afraid that I would make an averaging hydrometer instead of a shuttle. But I will do mixed shuttles of lacewood if requested.