If you want to trace the patterns or draw them using a grid, then download:

All Patterns

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Small Stars

Resizing Patterns

You can moderately resize the patterns.  The overlay patterns are 2" in diameter.  As an example, if you wanted the pattern to be 2-1/8" in diameter, figure the percentage:  2.125/2=1.06=106%.  Open the pdf.  Click print.  In the printer dialog box click on the Custom Scale radio button.  Then change the number in the text box to 106.

Paper Towel Patterns

Using Printing Patterns on Moderately Curved Surfaces

Thickness Calculation Drawings:

3" balls if you turn your own.

80mm balls if you buy "shatterproof" plastic ornaments

Auxiliary Collets:

Finial and Overlay Collets

Basic instructions for making Auxiliary Collets are at:

In addition to the basic instructions, it's important that at least some of the blank being held is deep enough to be inside the plane of the metal jaw faces.  For the Finial collet it is sufficient to make the flange less that 1/8" thick.  For the Overlay Blank collet you'll need to hollow the face of the collet.

Thickness Gauge Patterns

Thickness gauges


A Gallery of Overlay Ornaments is available at: