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This mini-article describes another way to make the block for a laminated pen clip.  It is more versatile because it uses a drill bit to shape the curve to match the pen barrel diameter, and there are a lot more sizes of drills than there are round files.  It’s probably also more accurate and quicker.


Start with a strip of wood about 1” square.  Cut a block ˝” long (or however long you want the Pen Clip Block to be). 


A maple (color balance is horrible, sorry) block.  It's 1x1x1/2.  The 1x1 face is end grain.



Clamp the block securely in your drill press and drill a hole through the block that matches the barrel diameter of your pen.



The Block after drilling a hole through the middle.  Pick a drill that matches your pen barrel diameter.  The hole will be a lot more accurate if you use your drill press and clamp the block in place.

Layout cutting lines on the block.  Draw a line centered to the hole that is perpendicular to one face of the block.  Use that line to center two more lines that are the width apart that you want the Pen Clip Block to be.



Layout cutting lines.  Start by drawing a line centered to the hole.  Use that line to draw two lines that are as far apart as you want the width of Pen Clip Block to be.

Saw on the layout lines to cut out the Pen Clip Block.  You can probably get two Pen Clip Blocks.  I use my scroll saw.  You could also saw by hand using a dovetail or coping saw.  Using the table saw would be somewhat risky unless you’ve made my Pen Sled or have some other fingerless means of holding the block.



The Pen Clip Block after being cut out on the scroll saw.  All it needs is some sanding and it will be ready to glue to the barrel.

Glue the block to the pen barrel and adjust the fit as in the Laminated Pen Clip article.